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Beauty Break: DIY Easter Cake

11:12 AM

Hello dear blog readers, I apologize for my absence. I've spent the last couple days driving all over for my boyfriends family Easter dinners so I've sadly neglected to write.

BUT I'm back.

On Friday we went to Tyson's parents house for Easter lunch and I was responsible for bringing the dessert. I didn't really mind because I love to bake, but I felt this odd pressure to bring something more interesting than your average pie or cake.

After doing some quick Pinterest research, I found this blog post and thought that it would be something I could tackle (hopefully!).

I picked up some green sprinkles from Bulk Barn (a Canadian store where you can buy awesome things - mainly candy and baking ingredients in bulk). They only had an emerald green colour, but I figured that would do. I was also searching for mini eggs, but they were sold out and I was in a rush, so I picked up some speckled malt eggs instead (although they weren't ideal).

Now, this DIY just called for any chocolate cake, so I baked a Devil's Food cake with chocolate icing using two 9" pans. You could really use any kind of recipe you want to though.

You also need marshmallows and cocoa. This creates the "basket" effect on the cake, which I'll get to in bit!

After I finished baking the cake, I let it cool enough until it could be iced. When I could, I iced the cake with an even, thin layer of chocolate icing (making it a bit thicker on the top). I then filled the top in with the green sprinkles (trying to be careful not to get any on the sides, which was a bit difficult!)

I then used a knife dipped in some water to smooth out the sides, getting it ready for the marshmallow strings.

The next step was the scary one! I combined the marshmallows and cocoa in a bowl and microwaved it in 20 second intervals, until it formed a paste-like consistency (be careful not to burn it!).

I let it cool enough so I could touch it, and then came the messy part. In order to create the basket effect, it instructed you to use your hands to stretch the marshmallow mixture into long strings, and circle them around the cake. It was a bit difficult to get the hang of, but I found it easiest to stretch out the marshmallows a little bit, stick the string to the cake, and than circle it around, stretching it out more as I went. 

Excuse the messy kitchen and bath robe! The blog that I stole this idea from explains the process a lot better than I have!
After I felt happy enough with the "basket", then came time to add the eggs. I used my finger to make little burrows in the sprinkles (enough to see the icing below) and then used a little bit of icing as a glue on the eggs to attach them on the cake. 

And here is the final product! (after it survived an hour car ride). It is definitely not as pretty as the original, but I think it turned out okay for a quick attempt! It was a big hit with the family, at least :).

If I were to do this again, I would have made the cake even taller by adding another layer and I would have tried to perfect the "string" effect a bit better.

I hope you all have a wonderful easter (if you celebrate it!) and enjoy your weekend.

Have you ever tried to recreate a blog recipe? How did it turn out?

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