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Chronicles of a Pale Lady: My First Experience with Fake Tan

1:57 PM

I have been pale my entire life. In the summer I thankfully get a little bit of colour, but when it becomes fall, I sadly watch my "tan" fade away *tear*. I've never really been overly bothered by being pale, but of course I think everybody looks better with a little colour!

I've always been equally intrigued and terrified by self tanner. Seems simple enough, you smear some goop all over your body and get a slight tan, yet I've read tons of horror stories of streaky-ness and fading that resembles a nasty skin condition, so I have stayed away.

But lately I have just been unable to avoid the self tanner hype - it seems to be everywhere! Glowing, gold goddesses swearing by the miracle of the fake bake.  My best friend Steph is a big advocate of St. Tropez and convinced me to give it a try. So last night I popped into Sephora and purchased the "St. Tropez Starters Kit" and headed home with a mixture of fear and hopefulness!

This is the kit, it includes a body scrub, tanning mousse and "tan enhancing moisterizor"
It was $32 CDN + tax, and I got it for 15% off at Sephora!
I asked the lady who worked there and she said this small bottle should last 2-3 tans.

I was too impatient to wait 24 hours to try it out, so I hopped in the shower around 6pm and used the Body Polish.
After I was completely dry, I applied the tanner all over my bodayyy. It was so strange! It was like I was trying to win a race against streakyness by blending everything in properly. It was hard to reach every spot! But I tried my best.
I watched Laurenbeauty's video about her self tanner routine to give myself a little bit of guidance.

This is the tanning glove that was included in the kit (post-use, of course). *Excuse the unmade bed*

I waited about 5 hours to rinse off the "guide colour" as directed on the box, and this was my final result. The left photo is the "before" of my arm, and the right photo is after. 
It turns out, I didn't have much to be worried about! I noticed a minor change in colour but nothing super shocking (to be honest, I kind of wish I saw more of a change, I guess I'll have to keep it on longer next time!). The colour isn't super orangey and I managed to get away streak free! I'll definitely be trying this again within the next couple of days to see if I can build it up more (i'll document that as well).

I'm worried I may have just started a very expensive habit!

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