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Gimme Brow? Yes please!

5:07 PM

I've always had a weird relationship with my brows. For a long time, I didn't really pay much attention to them. I just thought they were these things in my face that I couldn't really change, aside from the rare plucking. My hair was always blonde and my brows were always light and sparse so they didn't stand out too much.

When I dyed my hair dark, things changed. All of a sudden I noticed how bare they were and how patchy they looked against my skin. I've always been a bit nervous about filling them in, because I'm afraid I'll make them look worse, but I started playing around with different powders and pencils.

I personally prefer a more natural, messy brow. I think that clean, sharp brows look amazing but I guess I'm still too nervous for those! I also like something quick and easy - and this is where Gimme Brow comes in. 

After I brush this product through my brows, they actually look like real eyebrows! As I've never really had the problem of over plucking like many people do, I just need something that will make them look fuller, fill in the patchy parts and give them a bit of hold, and this product does just that.

One quick swipe and the fibres have added a bit of volume to my brows and I've achieved a look I'm comfortable with. The gel does not feel hard and crunchy like some can, and it lasts all day on me!

If you are somebody who likes very precise application, I would recommend using this as a setting gel and sticking with your normal routine of pencil or powder. But if you want something quick, to add colour and volume, check this product out! I'll be buying again as soon as it runs out.

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