Spring Cleaning: Makeup

8:00 AM

I'm back with another post. Sorry for the little break. I didn't have the greatest week (didn't feel well, nothing seemed to be going right, etc...) so I didn't feel inspired to write, let alone do a whole lot of anything. 

I wouldn't consider myself a "hoarder" but I definitely have difficulties when it comes to letting go of things I don't use anymore. I'm always one of those people who thinks, "Well, what if I need it! It has meaning! I spent money on this!" But I am trying to break that habit. Sometimes the relaxing feeling of de-cluttering outweighs the stress of throwing things away. Another positive of getting rid of some of your junk (or older/neglected products when it comes to makeup or skin care) is that you can rediscover some old loves that you haven't used in a while.

Spring is a good time to start new, and with all my new additions to my makeup lately, I decided it was time for a clean out.

I've developed a few questions I ask myself when I am "spring cleaning" my makeup - and force myself to answer honestly:

1. Have I used this in the past 6 months?
2. How old is it? (aka has it gone all funky)?
3. Did I forget I owned it?
4. Would I buy it again if I had the chance?
5. Do I see myself using it in the next month?
6. Do I own something similar?

So depending on how I answer these questions, I'll either keep or say "bye-bye" to the items that have passed their prime.

Below are photos of my make-up before I sorted through it all. Keep reading to discover the products I chose to take a sad little trip into the garbage can.

...and, the rejects:

These were either empty, way too sparkly for my taste, super old, or just items that I just wasn't a fan of! (The blushes are ELF, don't worry, I'm not throwing away NARS!)
It feels good to de-clutter - whether its your makeup, closet, bathroom, kitchen, car, etc...! It's an easy way to feel accomplished, just make sure you are honest with yourself about what needs to stay or go.

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