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Spring Shade: MAC Chatterbox

12:37 PM

Is it Spring yet?

Although the technical answer is 'yes', it doesn't really feel like that in my neck of the woods. We actually had a snow day just a week and a half ago. Yep. 

OH WELL. Despite the dreary weather, I've decided to shift into spring with my clothes and make up (still sporting my winter jacket of course). 

I'm a very seasonal person when it comes to make up. I like darker colours in the winter, bright in the summer, yadda yadda. This spring, I feel very drawn to pinks. I've had a weird relationship with pink my whole life. I have loved it, rebelled against it, downright hated it, and loved it again. Lately, I've rediscovered my enjoyment for pink, but not hot pink or baby pink. More "romantic" pinks. I don't even know if that is a category, but to me it means rosy, soft, pretty shades. Think... less playboy bunny, more Kate Middleton (nothing against the bunnies).

(PS. It looks a bit softer on the lips)
I was on the search for a perfect pink lip for spring (for my skin tone), and I think I found it in MAC's Chatterbox. It's a bit brighter than what I was looking for, but I love it just the same.

Although described on the MAC website as a "bright red-pink" I would argue that is this a bit softer than that description suggests. It definitely draws attention, but it is not your traditional bright lip. It is what I throw on if I have minimal make up on and just want to brighten up the look a little bit. I am very pale skinned and I feel like this colour can be quickly swept on within me having to worry about being washed out or look overdone.

It's an Amplified Creme so it goes on smooth with a semi-matte finish. It has a a great wear-time (as most MAC lipsticks do) and I think it will be a staple for my make up bag throughout the spring and summer months!

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