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Spring Shade: Nail Polish Edition

9:13 AM

With the changing of the seasons, I always get the urge to change up my nail polish routine. Although I am currently taking a couple weeks off from nail polish (gosh, it sounds like I'm talking about booze or coffee or something) to give my nails a break, I can't wait to use some of these shades as the sun starts to appear more frequently!

1. Revlon Brilliant Strength - Entice. I don't know why, but I absolutely love this colour. I don't think the photos I took do it justice. It is the loveliest alternative to the traditional mint green - and it's affordable too! Go try it out. Do it.

2. Revlon - Plum Seduction. This is a pretty, bright, plum shade. Think Essie's Bahama Mama but turned up a few notches. It will be a great colour to transition from winter to spring shades. Also, Revlon polishes are my absolute favourite for lasting power. I think they far outlast Essie, OPI, etc... (on my nails, anyway).

3. Nails Inc. - Chelsea Physic Garden. Last year I decided to give Nails Inc. polishes a try - and I was not dissapointed. Although I don't enjoy this colour as much as my beloved Porchester Square (I'll talk about that soon!) it is a lovely-almost Tiffany's-blue that is perfect for spring.

4. Essie - Mint Candy Apple. If Essie were to release an "all-time favourites" years in the future, this shade would definitely be included. I know I've used the words "lovely" and "pretty" a lot in this post, but it suits this colour as well. I think if it didn't chip so easily on my nails, it would be my favourite polish of all time. But, since I love the colour so much, I'll slap on a good base/top coat and off I go.

5. Revlon Colourstay - Vintage Rose. I first fell in love with this colour when I saw the lovely Estée wearing in it some of her YouTube videos and blog posts (example). I am easily suckered into buying things due to the interwebs, and this was definitely one of those circumstances. However, I love it. It is a gorgeous, soft, muted rose colour that is lovely for work - without being too Grandma-esque.

6. Nails Inc. - Porchester Square. This is a much-talked-about nail polish colour. As Nails Inc. are a British company, they receive a lot of love from the British make-up girls (who are my favourite by the way, no offence to the rest of the world, it's just that I like to imagine I live in London). It is hard to describe - it is somewhere between a brown, beige, grey, br-eyge? Oh well. It's a simple, yet elegant colour that is perfect when you want to take a break from the typical spring brights and pastels.

Those are all of the polishes I am looking forward to using this spring! What are yours?

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