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The Weekend Edit

3:55 PM

When I decided to dedicate myself to actually making this blog a consistent thing, I planned to keep it mainly focused on make-up/skincare, but also wanted to throw a little bit of 'me' into it. My whole life doesn't revolve around beauty products, so I thought it would be nice to explore some other topics from time to time. Hope nobody minds!

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I went on a small road trip to the town where his parents live. I love when we visit because his parents are two of my favourite people, and the town they live in has kind of become a happy place for me. It's always a relaxing experience to just chill out for the weekend with his famjam.

After spending an entire Saturday watching "The Long Way Down" which is a documentary series created by Ewan McGregor (It's on Netflix and it's amazing, you should watch!), we decided to actually get out and do some things on Sunday.

The beach by his parents' house is one of my favourite places. Even though its still quite cold outside, its the best place to go for a walk. As per usual, I took a million pictures, to his annoyance.

I saw my first chipmunk! Which was way too exciting.

After the beach we stopped in at LaHave Bakery for a bite to eat. It is so cozy there and the food is delicious.

Before heading back to the city, we finished our trip by making at a stop at one of my favourite stores: Dots & Loops in Lunenberg. If you live in the area, check it out!

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