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New Favourite: MAC Crosswires

8:28 PM

I think I've found my new favourite lipstick (and that's saying a lot).

I go through different phases with my lip colour. I will either reach for super bright lipsticks or more muted glosses or just nothing at all, depending on my mood. 

With MAC's Crosswires Lipstick, I think I've found the best of both worlds. This muted pink/coral shade is bright enough that it pops but not so bright  that you have to check the mirror every two minutes to make sure you don't look like Ronald McDonald.

Thank you Estee for introducing me to this shade. It's now the only lip product I carry around!

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  1. I am also devoted to Crosswires! The perfect sorta red sorta coral sorta bright lipstick to make you look put together in a second- which is about all I have these days. I also love Viva Glam 2 and Russian Red, these three are my long time MAC staples - that shade looks great on you!