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TheBalm Nude'tude

7:41 PM

For the longest time the only eye shadow palette I owned was the Naked 2. After the popularity of those palettes, each brand came out with their own take on the neutral collection. Nothing really caught my eye again until I saw the Naked 3, and I justified making that purchase because the shades were so different than the 1 or 2.

A couple of months ago, I decided I wanted to put more effort into learning how to apply eye shadow without looking like a clown, so I thought it was time expand from my Urban Decay shadows and try something new, and this is where theBalm's Nude'tude palette came in.

I first heard of theBalm a couple years ago, and quickly fell in love with their cute and cheeky packaging. I didn't think their products were available in Canada (or even shipped here) so I admired from afar. It wasn't until I saw my friend Samantha (or SamanthaJane on YouTube) reviewed a few of their products and said she had ordered them off of Hautelook (a shopping site similar to BeyondtheRack) that I became determined to try some of their products. 

A few days later I saw that theBalm cosmetics were back on the site and jumped on it. I bought two products: this palette and the Mary-Loumanizer highlighter. Both of these products plus shipping cost me less than $50!

But enough back story. Let's find out if these products really are the bomb (hehe so punny).

 The packaging is adorable. I'm pretty sure that they make it without the naked ladies inside to please the more conservative audience, but what's the fun in that?

Sassy is a creamy, pure white shade that looks like it is matte in the pan but it has just enough shimmer to be used as a highlight. It isn't chalky at all, which I appreciate.

Stubborn is another buttery, shimmery shade that is super pigmented. 

Selfish may look quite dark in the pan but comes out as a nice bronzey colour on the lid. Also super pigmented,

Snobby is a pretty gold colour that can be used all over the lid or as an inner corner highlight.

Stand-offish is similar to stubborn, but a bit more shimmery. This is the shadow that has the most fallout (as you can see in the picture).

Sultry is a pretty matte colour that works well in the crease. However, the matte shades aren't quite as pigmented as the more shimmery ones.

Sophisticated looks beautiful but is probably my least favourite to apply in this palette. It's goes on a bit patchy and I'm bit a huge fan if the bigger glitter pieces.

Sexy is a nice, deep cranberry shade that you don't see very often. Like the other mattes, it's not the most pigmented of the bunch.

Serious is your classic matte black. It's not as pigmented as Blackout in the Naked 2 palette but it gets the job done.

Seductive is one of my favourites in the palette. It's a pretty, shimmery brown that goes on very smooth.

Silly is similar to sophisticated as in it doesn't apply the greatest. It's still a very pretty shade.

Sleek is a dark matte brown that works great in place of a liner if you want something more subtle.

Here are the swatches:

Overall, I love this palette. For the cost, the quality is great and the shade range is pretty unique. It's also always nice to get a mixture of mattes and shimmery shades. Combine the quality with the cute exterior, and I would definitely recommend picking this up if you ever have the chance!

Here are links to Hautelook and theBalm. Their products are also available here on Amazon.

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