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May Favourites

10:40 PM

May was a great month, as it usually is. I think it has always been my favourite month. It's when winter has finally left the premises (although this year it's stuck around) and people are getting excited for the warmer months.

I may not have been as attentive to my blog as I was in April (sorry dudes) but I was busy, busy, busy! It was my birthday, mother's day, I became an auntie (sort of), work was hectic, and I'm preparing for a trip to Europe - just to name a few things.

However, I still had time to discover some new favourites and rediscover some old.  

Music-wise, I've been listening the heck out of the the new albums by Chvrches and Lorde. I've also been quite obsessed with a British musician named "Josh Record" (and yes, apparently that is his real name!). You can find his music here. If you are a fan of Bon Iver, you'll love him.

My favourite movie of the month was The Other Woman (which I saw twice in theatres) and for television, I've enjoyed getting back into Game of Thrones (so much drama, all ze time).

Now, time for the products!

1. NARS blush in "Torrid" - This has often been a much neglected blush in my collection. I'm not quite sure why, as it is such a beautiful orange-y/coral shade that is incredibly pigmented.

2. Boscia Thermal Black Cleanser - My friends were lovely enough to give me a Sephora gift card for my birthday, and I used it to purchase this facial cleanser. I was advised that what I had been using wasn't doing wonders for my skin, so I decided to change it up. So far, I've found that this warming cleanser has done a good job of keeping my skin clear, without drying it out (even though it is quite pricey).

3. Maybelline Define-a-brow - I took a bit of a break from the Benefit Gimme Brow that I was so obsessed with, and decided to give a pencil a try. This pencil is great for drawing in fine, little, brow hairs, leaving them look more natural and less barbie.

4. Urban Decay De-slick Setting Spray - With the warm weather comes greasy skin, and I often find my makeup sliding off my face halfway through the day. This spray does a great job of locking things in place and keeping things matte

5. Tangle Tamer brush by Goody - This is a dupe for the famous "tangle teaser". I picked it up at Lawton's Drug Mart for around $10, and it was such a great purchase. This little thing brushes through my hair quicker than anything I've ever used before, with no pain involved!

6. MAC Lipstick in Crosswires - You can read my post about this lipstick here, but I love, love, love it! It's my favourite lip product I have purchased in a long time. The perfect coral/pinkish shade for Spring. 

7. Mary Loumanizer by theBalm - I've been loving this pretty, golden highlighter for the past month. But I must warn, use a lighter hand because it can be quite intense!

8. L'oreal Infallible Eye Shadow in Amber Rush - A few weeks back my mom texted and asked for a couple recommendations to buy at the drugstore, and this was one of the first things that came to mind. These are beautiful eyeshadows, and this rose-gold shade is lovely for this time of year.

9. The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream - Although I'm new to the world of eye creams, I think this is my favourite one I have tried so far. It is inexpensive (relative to others), applies smoothly, sinks into my skin and leaves a nice cooling feeling which is great for people with puffy eyes (aka me).

10. Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes Eyeliner - Since it's melted-smudgy-greasy face season, It's hard to find an eyeliner that won't end up on my chin by the end of the day. Fortunately, this MUFE eyeliner seems to stay all day and leave no raccoon eyes! Definitely a winner.

What have you been loving lately?

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