Across the Pond (day 3)

9:20 PM

We woke up bright and early on the Friday, excited to explore Dublin. We had purchased 3-day "freedom passes" which allowed us to use both the public transit bus and the hop on hop off tour busses, which turned out to be a great investment. 

We were staying about a 20 minute bus ride outside if the city centre, but it was such a nice and quaint neighbourhood that I didn't mind at all. Huge stone houses covered in ivy, guarded by stone walls with aged wooden gates. It was quite a lovely place.

After hopping on the tour bus at its first stop near O'Connell Street, we passed by quite a few remarkable places. For example, the birth place of Oscar Wilde (whoaaaa), St. Patricks Cathedral and the Guiness Storehouse. Our goal for the day was to visit Kilmainham Jail. We had heard that Kilmainham, which had been shut down and abandoned years ago and restored as a historical site, had quite the dark past. It wasn't until we walked through the dingy, stark stone passage ways and saw the cells that were once occupied by some of the leaders of the Irish revolution, that we realized how important the location was. It is always hard for me to wrap my head around the historical significance of places that I visit, but looking up at the gallows where hundreds of men were killed made it difficult to ignore the impact that this prison had on the history of Ireland as a country. 

Our tour guide told us the story of a couple that got married in the prison cathedral directly before the grooms execution in the next room. Quite remarkable stuff.

We left Kilmainham and headed to the Dublin Zoo. I'm a sucker for cute animals and this sanctuary didn't disappoint. We saw penguins, which pretty much completed my life. We also saw a pair of sea lions who kept pushing each other back into the pool. I probably could have watched them forever. 

After spending about three hours wandering around the Zoo and Phoenix Park, we were feeling quite exhausted. We had discovered the day before that Tyson had Lyme Disease (a scary, but not super serious illness caused by ticks) so he wasn't feeling himself. We decided to catch a tour bus back to our original starting place and head back to "Marilyn Mansion" - yep, that was the name of the place we were staying - and get a good nights sleep for the next day of exploring!

Stay tuned for day four!

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