Across the Pond (days 1&2)

5:32 AM

Oh goodness. I am so so sorry that I have neglected you, dear blog of mine. It has been almost a month since I posted. I think the reason for this is a combination of things. For some reason, I lost my writing motivation (hopefully I have found it again)! Also, I've spent the past three weeks travelling (yay!).

I've decided that it is quite important to document important occasions in your life as much as possible, and my trip has definitely been a life changing experience for me. Now that I've gotten my mojo back, I thought it would be perfect to capture my trip on here. This way, I will be able to look back at all the ups and downs (mostly ups!) of my time in Ireland, Scotland and England.

So here it goes...

Day One

I arrived in Dublin in the early morning and felt very out of sorts. It was probably a combination of extreme tiredness and my nerves, but I was just not feeling myself. I decided to find a last minute deal on a hotel room so I would be able to recharge, instead of the hostel that I was planning on staying in. Once I got to the hotel, which was definitely haunted, I took a nap and made plans to meet my friend Stefan who had been travelling also, and explore the city.

I left the hotel and found the bus stop without running into any ghost maids or bellboys, which was a bonus. Stefan had told me to meet him at "the big needle in the sky" on O'Connell Street, one of Dublin's main drags. I had no idea what this needle was, but he told me I'd find it, and yep he was right! I found him and his friend Dan standing next to the Spire (the needles actual name), which was a monument completed in 2000 to signify that the city of Dublin could "only go up from here" and is the tallest free standing sculpture in the world, pretty neat. 

I was so excited to see Stefan. After not seeing each other for 10 months, having the chance to explore this city on a beautiful day was just what I needed. His friend Dan was actually born and raised in Ireland and was happy to show me around. He was so sweet, and within a couple of hours I could feel my nerves subside and felt much more comfortable with Dublin.

After exploring Temple Bar and the grounds of Trinity College (so beautiful), we made our way to a bar for some drinks and a bite to eat. I said goodbye to Stefan and Dan and made my way to Grafton Street (Dublin's biggest shopping street) and headed directly to Boots. I may have went a little overboard and left with my bag full of new makeup goodies. I'll do a few posts on the makeup I picked up on my trip separately!

I found my way back to the hotel easily, and fell asleep with my mood 10x better than it was when I arrived, and with excitement of what the rest of my trip would bring.

Day Two

I woke up early and headed into the city centre to find the hostel I would be spending the night at. After getting all checked in and locking my bag away in their dungeon of lockers (literally), I headed out on foot to do a bit of wandering. I don't think I fully appreciated the idea of having no obligations before this trip. It was so nice to have no set plans and nowhere that I had to be. 

The day was mainly filled with a lot of walking and watching a couple of movies on my bunk. I really just wanted the next day to come, because Tyson was arriving! I was full of excitement to be able to explore this beautiful city with him.

Stay tuned for days three and four!

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