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A Love Affair with Greige

5:41 PM

What is greige, you ask?

Lovely reader, greige is the unexpectedly magical combination of grey and beige. Is it a real word? I do not think so. Will I pretend it is? Yes, yes I will.

You may think, "Ew, greige sounds like the colour of vomit." Well, my friends, let me prove you wrong with my all-time favourite nail polish (big statement): Nails Inc in Porchester Square.

It is rare that I come across a nail polish that I stick with for longer than one or two wears at a time. But there is something about this "not too grey, not too beige" colour that has me doing a double-take of my nails each time I wear it. It is the perfect neutral without making my hands look too dead or veiny. Aside from the unique colour, the polish from the popular British brand goes on opaque in only one coat and I have found it to be pretty chip resistant.

When I first heard Anna and Lily talk about their love for this colour, I was a bit skeptical. But trust me, give this shade a try and you'll find a hard time switching to any other colour this fall.

I found my bottle at Shoppers Drug Mart for $11 cdn.

What is your favourite fall nail polish?

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