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A Make Up Beginners Guide to the Face

4:28 PM

When I first began dabbling in the world of makeup, I was  confused by all of the terms that seemed to come with it. For years all I concerned myself with was concealer, blush and maybe some lip gloss. Now i'm living in the world of highlighting, contouring, waterline, tight-line, something-or-other line? It can all be a bit much.

Now, after spending too many hours watching YouTube than I'd care to admit, I think i've finally grasped the basics of makeup application. I decided to make a basic "makeup map" of the face to help others who may be feeling a little lost in the world of beauty language.

Disclaimer: I am not claiming to be an expert at anything beauty, makeup or facial structure related. I'm just a beauty beginner trying to help out others in the same situation. These are not all the proper names of facial features, just terms that are often used in the makeup world. Take from it what you will!

1. Bridge of the nose "...highlight the bridge of the nose"

2. Cheek bone "...highlight the cheekbone"

3. Hollow of the cheek "...use bronzer to contour the hollow of the cheek"

4. Cupid's bow "...dab a bit of highlighter on the cupid's bow"

5. Brow bone "...highlight the brow bone"

6. Crease "...blend the medium brown eye shadow into the crease of the eye"

7. Upper lash line "smudge the liner into the lower lash line"

8. Outer corner or outer 'V' "...bring the liner all to the outer corner"

9. Waterline "...apply the liner to the waterline"

10. Tear duct

11. Inner corner "...add a bit of the gold shadow to the inner corner to brighten the eye"

12. Lower lash line "...smudge a little bit of the brown shadow under the lower lash line"

13. Upper, inner lash line "...tightline the upper lashline to add definition to the lashes"

Hope this helps! If there is any incorrect information here that I am unaware of, please feel free to let me know.

- Madison

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