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Nighttime Skincare

8:06 PM

As soon as the seasons change, my skin tends to act up. I've struggled with skin issues my entire life, but over the past couple of years I seem to have gotten things under control (thank goodness). Nonetheless, I still get weeks where my skin looks a bit like the surface of the moon - flaky, oily, bumpy, all that good stuff.

Who doesn't love a good onesie?. 
I like to think of the nighttime as a chance to let your skin rejuvenate and really soak in any products you put on your face. In order to calm things down, I've been trying to stick with a solid skin care routine before I go to bed that helps balance out my oiliness, while keeping any dry patches at bay.

Let's get into it!

Step One - Cleanse: I'm no skincare expert, but I think its safe to say that a solid cleansing routine is one of the keys to lovely skin. I admit that I've had a fare few nights when I come home late and am too lazy to take off my makeup (tisk tisk), but for the most part I think I do pretty well!

First, I use good ol' coconut oil to remove my eye makeup. It seems to be the only thing that does the job each and every time.

Next, I've been using the Boscia Thermal Black Cleanser that I picked up from Sephora. This charcoal based cleanser heats up on application and leaves the skin feeling super clean. This is definitely a luxurious product (a bit on the pricey side) but I think it's worth it.

Finally, I've been making sure that all the makeup and grime is off my skin by using a quick swipe of cult favourite, Bioderma. This is an especially great product for sensitive skin. 

Step Two - Moisturize: The evening is the perfect time to give your skin a good burst of moisture. I've been applying Indeed Lab's Hydraluron, a favourite product of famed dermatologist and blogger Caroline Hirons, before my moisturizer every night, This serum, rich in hyraluronic acid, helps to give my moisturizer a good base. You can pick it up at Shoppers Drug Mart.

I love, love, love this eye cream by the Body Shop that I've been using every night (and morning). It's also very affordable as far as eye creams go.

I've been finishing off my skincare routine with this heavy duty cream by Lancome. I received this in my Topbox last month, and have been enjoying it ever since. It's definitely something that you would only want to use at night, as it is quite thick, but it makes my skin feel plump and rejuvenated come morning.

What are your bedtime skincare favourites? I would love some more recommendations!

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