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The Perfect Eyeliner for Only $3?

9:46 PM

Finding a great black eyeliner is not an easy feat. They can be too dry, streaky, wipe off easily, sting your eyes, and the list goes on.

But my dear readers, I think I have found one of the best eyeliners out there. The bonus? It's costs no more than THREE (Canadian) dollars.

This gel eyeliner by Essence fits has all the qualifications to be the perfect eyeliner. It's super black and opaque (you don't have to spend forever building up a dark line), it goes on smoothly, and doesn't smear down your face. A gel eyeliner is perfect for beginners, as it is more forgiving, and this one in particular makes the scary job of applying liner a lot easier. Depending on the type of brush you use, you can easily create a thin or thick line.

Does it last, you ask? This is the results after a full 8-hour day of wear for me.

The only downfall? It is only currently available in one colour (black) as far I know.

The first time I tried it I was skeptical. A good eyeliner, for $3? Seems impossible. Well, my friends, my assumptions were wrong, so very wrong.

If you haven't already gathered this from the post, run to Shoppers Drug Mart (or wherever Essence is stoked locally) and pick up this bad boy.

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