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Let Me Down Easy - Disappointing Products #1

8:36 PM

I'm usually pretty lucky when it comes to products (woo!), which is why my blog mostly consists of positive reviews. However, there are some products that I've tried in the past few months that just haven't done their job. 

Whether it's just the product not working well with my skin/colouring, etc..., or it just being a complete dud, here is a list of my recent fails:

Dissapointing Product #1 - Rimmel Sunshimmer Maxi Bronzer in 001 

I'm not really sure what I was thinking when I bought this product. It's easy to see that it is faaar too dark for my pale skin (even though it is the lightest shade they make of this product). Another downfall? It's super orange and muddy, two words that I don't want associated with a bronzer. Won't be picking this one up again.

Dissapointing Product #2 - Elf Baked Highlighter in Moonlight Pearls

I think a good highlighter is able to add a nice "glow" without turning my face into a disco ball. Sadly, that's what this one by ELF does. It's a bit too chunky for my liking, and actually ends up feeling a bit scratchy on the skin. It works nicely as an inner corner highlight though!

Disappointing product #3 - Elf Jumbo Eye Shadow Sticks in Turkish Coffee and Forest Nymph

I find these to be such a weird formula for eye shadow sticks. They are quite waxy and they pull on the skin when you apply them. I much prefer a more creamy/comfortable formula, like the Rimmel jumbo eye pencils.  Their one savior? They can work if you smudge them into your lash line as an eyeliner instead of covering your whole lid.

Dissapointing Product #4 - Benefit Boiing Concealer

I find this product a bit too thick for my liking. It's definitely heavy duty as described, but the high coverage formula ends up looking cakey on the skin, whether you use it to cover blemishes or under eyes. I'd love to hear if anyone has any application techniques to help this product blend better, so it doesn't go to waste!

Dissapointing Product #5 - Rimmel Color Rush Trio in Orion

I'm not quite sure if Rimmel makes this product anymore. If they don't, I can definitely understand why! These eye shadows are dry, powdery and lack serious pigment. Just trying to swatch these for this post was difficult. I don't think any drugstore eye shadows are ever going to beat Wet N' Wild shadows for me - especially not these ones.

Dissapointing Product #6 - Laura Mercier Tinted Moisterizer in Sand

I was quite surprised when I didn't like this product because it has such good reviews! I think that this one not working for me boils down to choosing the wrong shade and formula (they make an oil-free tinted moisterizer that probably would have suited me better). This just didn't work well for me. It sat on top of my skin and left me feeling greasy. Boo.

Dissapointing Product #7 - Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain

This was probably my most surprising dissapointment. When these were released earlier in the year, the internet went a bit crazy with positive reviews. I was very excited to try this bright red/orange shade out, but was instantly let down, as soon as I applied it. It was patchy and smeared outside my lip lines almost instantly. I also found the formula super sticky. Maybe I would have had better luck with other shades?

What products have let you down in recent months?

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  1. thanks for the tips!

  2. i find these kinds of posts so much fun, i am kinda inspired to collect some things for one now! elf products are definitely hit or miss... i've had to toss a few as well.

    1. I'd love to know which elf products are your hits and misses! :)

  3. Boscia make up break up I had high hopes because Essie loves it but it's a fail for my skin Boo :(

    1. Oh really? I will keep that in mind! I was going to give it a try.

  4. Cover girl "smoo chies" lip balm in #smooch number 265. I expected a neutral pink but it came out very glittery. I felt like a middle school girl wearing it. It was also coral/orangey looking and the texture is weird.
    Would never buy this product again