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Netflix documentaries you should watch right now

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Although I dedicate much of this blog to makeup and Skincare, there is definitely more to my life than just lipstick! I thought from time-to-time it would be nice to switch up the subject matter a little bit and focus on some other things that I've been enjoying, such as binge watching documentaries and tv series.  Netflix is a land of endless possibilities. I love me a good non-fictional tale. 

I know that not everyone is a documentary lover, but for those who enjoy them as much as I do, or even for those who are looking for something on the more light-hearted side, I thought I'd give you my curated version of my current favourite documentaries on Netflix.

These are all definitely worth watching on a lazy Sunday. In no particular order:

I Know That Voice!

Curious about the voices behind your favourite cartoon characters? This documentary helps to show a different side to the work of voice actors of shows such as the Simpsons and Futurama. It's a great way to get to know the faces behind the characters you grew up with.


Grab a tissue before you watch this one. This heartbreaking documentary tells a story of prejudice, heartbreak and pure, unfounded hatred. *sniffles*


Blackfish shows a darker side to the beloved Seaworld that many of us have visited as children or teens. An eye-opening film about the harsh realities behind marine entertainment. 

Video Game, The Movie

As a lifelong video game lover, this is right up my alley. This documentary incorporates a world of perspectives into telling the story of the crazily successful video game industry, starting from the very beginning.

Dear Mr Watterson

Calvin and Hobbes lover? That's all you need to know!

Exit Through the Gift Shop

I've loved Banksy since my high school teacher first introduced me to his work years ago. 
Exit Through the Gift Shop gives an inside peek into the world of the mysterious graffiti artist.

The Summit

Two things I learned from the Summit (aka the most suspenseful movie even though you know the outcome): 1. I will never been a mountaineer (a crushing blow to my thriving athletic career...). 2. I respect them an insane amount.

That Guy ... Who Was in that Thing

Ever recognize an actor/actress but just couldn't put your finger on from where? 99% chance you'll meet them in this documentary about actors who make a living out of playing the bad guy, the mean girl's friend, the pudgy guy, etc... but have yet to recieve the credit they deserve.

The Other F Word

Punk rock dads trying to balance their time between changing diapers, maintaining a marriage, fending off groupies and living life on the road. Mark Hoppus is the cutest father.


I'd love to know your favourite netflix flicks - feel free to send suggestions my way!

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