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Sample Size Lovin' - Money saving tip

7:51 PM

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I rarely buy high end mascara, yet I wear it almost everyday.

But how? 

Well, it is all thanks to these little babies. Sample-sized mascaras. 

It goes without saying, samples are great. They give you a chance to try out a product before you shell out the money and buy the full size. But usually, a sample size is exactly that - a sample. You get one or two uses and can then decide whether or not you like the product and then it runs out. So, it must be the same with mascara samples, right?


The beauty in mascara samples is that you almost always get enough product for at least 2-3 weeks of wear. The little tubes are usually filled with enough product to get you almost as many wears as a full sized tube. Mascara is one of those products that I go through quickly, so it only feels natural to finish up a tube after a couple of weeks anyways. Most of the time my larger sized mascaras end up drying up before I can finish them.

So, how do you come across high-end mascara samples? There are a ton of ways!

- Sephora VIB bonus perks. There are almost always 100 point mascaras that you can pick up at the checkout.
- Gift with purchase. Department store brands such as Clinique and LancĂ´me almost always have gift with purchase offers that include mascaras.
- Gift sets. Almost every brand carried at Sephora currently have a gift set that contains at least one sample mascara. 
- Nice sales ladies. You'll sometimes come across a nice sales lady/gentlemen in the drugstore or department store who slips you a sample out of the kindness of their hearts (d'aww).

So, sample-sized mascaras rock.

They're a great way to try out a bunch of different (and expensive) formulas without investing a ton of money, until you find the one that you know is right for your lashes.

What is your favourite beauty sample?

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