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Worth the Read: Beauty Bloggers I Adore

10:29 PM

I'm going to start of this post by saying, my entire interest in makeup/skincare/etc..., came as a big surprise. Both to myself and the people in my life.

For the majority of my years on this earth, I paid little attention to the "beauty" industry. I owned concealer, mascara, lipgloss - and that was about it. I didn't see anything wrong with makeup, just didn't see it as much of an interest. I was more focused on music, school, travelling, etc... (still have all those interests, by the way!). I could have never seen myself reading a makeup/skincare blog, let alone attempt to write one myself.

But here we are.

I'm not quite sure what got me here, but some interest was sparked and I suddenly found myself reading about makeup tips, reviews of "do or don't" products, and drooling over the words "NARS" and "Bobbi Brown."Now, I know that many people who know me probably roll their eyes and think I'm a materialistic, shallow fool for writing about this stuff. But hey, at least I know that's not the case right? It's just a bit of fun! Because that's what makeup should be about.

Anywho... this leads me into discussing a few of the female bloggers who inspired me to start this blog. Whether it was their personalities, photographs, writing skills or just having a similar skin tone to mine hehe, they soon became some of my everyday reads.

*Note: the photos in this post are not my own*


Canadian Beauty Blogger Product Reviews Swatches Sephora Smoky Eye Urban Decay Naked Palette

Ahh, my adoration for this lady is endless. As soon as I started reading her blog and watching her YouTube channel I just instantly wanted to be her friend. She's witty in her writing, hilarious on camera, and her makeup knowledge runs deep. She updates her blog frequently (once a day!) and posts two makeup/lifestyle oriented videos a week, along with an adorable weekly vlog with her boyfriend Mark. I was actually lucky enough to meet her while I was in London this summer and she was as sweet as I would have imagined. I like to pretend we're best friends.... okay this is creepy now I'll stop.

Blog: LilyPebbles

Canadian Beauty Blogger Product Reviews Swatches Sephora Smoky Eye Urban Decay Naked Palette

Lily, Anna's best friend, is another one of my favourite faces in the blogging world. Her daily posts are filled with blunt product advice, hilarious stories about body hair, and don't forget the makeup tips accompanied by the most beautiful photos. Seriously, who can make a lipstick look that good? Often appearing in Anna's videos (and vice-versa), these two are my internet soul sistas.


Canadian Beauty Blogger Product Reviews Swatches Sephora Smoky Eye Urban Decay Naked Palette

With multiple posts a day, Consider Adrienne's blog the "news ticker" of the beauty world. Keeping your eye on the Scottish beauty site will keep you up-to-date on everything makeup. All the newest products, upcoming releases - you get the gist.

Canadian Beauty Blogger Product Reviews Swatches Sephora Smoky Eye Urban Decay Naked Palette

And now for a more local blogger. This Halifax-based blog keeps me up-to-date on all the local beauty finds. Weekly posts breakdown of all the sales of local stores, such as Lawtons, Shoppers, Superstore, Sephora, etc... If you're looking to take advantage of Halifax-based deals on makeup, skincare, and more- i'd add this one to your weekly reading list! And if you aren't bothered by saving money, you weirdo, there are lots of other great posts that may be up your alley.

Leave me a list of your favourite bloggers (of all types)! I love having new internet reading material.

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  1. Thank you Madison for reading the blog. I was clueless about makeup way up till my early 30's and was deep in makeup a few years later. Inspiration is definitely all around us. Beauty blogs just make it a little easier to absorb the idea lol