Saying bye to Target and the makeup that goes with it

6:57 PM

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Yesterday we (we, as in Canadians) got the news that Target (the giant department store) would be pulling out of Canada. Less than two years after they opened 133 stores nationwide, they are completely shutting down their Canadian operations.

The departure of Target will leave thousands of Canadians without jobs, causing one of the largest mass layoffs in Canadian history. I could go into detail about my many opinions on this, but that's probably not what you come here for! So, onto the makeup...

As we say goodbye to Target, we will be saying bye to access to a few brands that are unavailable elsewhere in Canada. Specifically, Sonia Kashuk and Pixi Cosmetics. Target also carries the largest local inventory of Nyx Cosmetics.

So before the before the liquidation starts, I'm already making a list of the few things I want to pick up before they are no longer available.

Some items include:
- The Sonia Kashuk Matte Eyeshadow Palette (so highly recommended!)
- Sonia Kashuk Professional a Brushes
- Sonia Kashuk Cream Blushes
- Pixi Lip Balms and Lip Sticks
- Pixi Correction Concentrate

Hopefully all of these products won't already be snatched up by the Target sales fiends!

What's your opinion on the Target debacle? Are there any products you'll be picking up? 

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  1. It is sad for all the employees that will loose their jobs, I wasn't impressed by Target Canada. Their prices was horrible and stock awful. I will continue to shop in the States.