40 Random Facts

11:32 PM

Dear reader, I doubt you are interested in learning 40 random facts about me. But if you are, you're in luck! Get to know a little bit more about the girl behind the blog.

1. I have a cat named Charlie.

2. I named him after my grandfather.
3. I often call him Chuck.
4. I was born and raised in Newfoundland.

5. I moved to Nova Scotia when I was 12.
6. All of my family, minus my mom, still live in Newf.
7. I once danced at the same studio that "Center Stage" was filmed in New York City.
8. I danced for 12 years before I quit.
9. I did ballet, tap and jazz.
10. I met two of my best friends through dance when we were 13/14.
11. I saw them both tonight.

12. I used to be really into heavy metal music. 
13. I used to be really into boys in heavy metal bands.
14. I once camped in Idaho for two weeks one summer.
15. I once lived in Calgary for a summer.
16. I love amusement parks.
17. Universal Studios and Disney are two of my favourite places I've ever been.
18. I have a deep love for movie theatre popcorn.
19. I eat it at least once a week. The shame.
20. I had my first real kiss in grade ten.
21. He was 5 years older than me, with tattoos, stretched ears and lots of piercings.
22. I don't think my parents knew that, hehe.
23. My all time favourite tv shows are: Friends, The Office and Gilmore Girls.

24. I've seen every episode of far too many series.
25. Including: friends, the office, Gilmore girls, sex and the city, breaking bad, game of thrones, Entourage, one tree hill, gossip girl, skins, the mindy project, suits, and the list goes on.
26. I'm more ashamed of some of those shows than others.
27. I read the news everyday. Well, try to.
28. I love live music.
29. I once saw Lady Gaga open for Nelly (yes, hot in hurr) - no joke.
30. My all time favourite musician is Joel Plaskett.
31. I met him once. I acted super awkward. Still haunts me, heh.
32. One of my best friends was my neighbour as a child. We lost touch and didn't speak for about 10 years. We ended up in the same university program in a different province.
33. She is the funniest person I know.
34. I love Drake.
35. I suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
36. I want to write a book before I'm 30.
37. I'm worried that putting all these facts on the internet will lead to me having my identity stolen.
38. I worked in a bakery for two years.
39. I once had head gear and braces for 3 years.
40. I cannot skate.

That was fun!

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