The Childhood Tag

7:31 PM

Lately, I've been obsessed with looking at old photographs. I came across this "tag" on a blog the other day and thought it must be fate!

1. Where did you grow up?
- I grew up in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada! But moved to Nova Scotia at age 12.

2. Were you a good child?
- I guess I would have been considered a good child!

3. What did you use to do in summer?
- Something that usually involved playing outside with neighbourhood friends. I often went camping with my family and fellow "camping friends" as well!

4. What is your saddest childhood memory?
- Hmmm, probably the collective memories involved with divorced parents. Moving away from my dad is definitely up there. 

5. What is your happiest childhood memory?
- Camping and hanging out with my little cousins all the time. I definitely took the freedom that comes with being a kid for granted!

6. Is there something you kept as a secret?
- I tried to keep my many crushes a secret, but failed miserably. I even had a teddy bear with my first "real" crushes name on it. D'aww/cringe.

7. What did you want to become as a child (jobwise)?
- A lawyer! Thanks Elle Woods.

8. Do you still have contact with your childhood friends?
- Not really, except for my best friend Steph! But we spent many years without being in contact.

9. Were there any strange things you believed when you were a child?
- Hmmm, I believed that my brother or I were going to get kidnapped! Seriously, it was an intense fear and belief that I had.

10. Show us a picture of you being a child.
- Here's a few more!

- toy: A gray bunny which I named "brownie bunny" - go figure. He's actually currently sitting on the dresser in my apartment!
- book: I loved the series "The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes" and Welcome to the Magic Treehouse books.
- TV show: Definitely Rugrats or Winnie the Pooh.
- subject in school: Art!
- place for holidays: Anywhere camping with my family! We didn't really do any big trips when I was little.


I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better! Now I tag you!

If you do the tag or have already done a similar one, please feel free to leave the URL of your blog in the comment section down below, as I would looove to read it! :)


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