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The Winter Remedy

7:18 PM

If you live in Canada - specifically Atlantic Canada - this time of year sucks. Especially this year. We have been getting hit with storm after storm, leaving the outdoors an icey, slushy, gross mess. Now, don't get me wrong, I do enjoy some aspects of winter, but freezing my bum off is not one of them. So after a long couple weeks of shovelling and slipping around on icey roads, a girl needs a pamper evening.

Here are my steps for the ultimate temporary escape from winter.

Step One: Remove your makeup. This is an essential part of any sort of "pamper" night. Think of it as wiping away the stress of your day at work, school, etc...

Step Two: Light some candles. Start running a hot bath.

Step Three: Exfoliate! The winter is when dry skin runs rampant. I find it important to scrub off all that dead skin that you've been carrying around with you. And don't forget your lips! You can use your favourite lip scrub - like this one by Lush - or just use a paste of sugar and olive oil to scrub those suckers.

Step Four: Apply your favourite face mask. Moisturizing, clarifying, doesn't matter! On this night I used my Origins Clear Improvement Mask. 

Step Five: Throw your favourite bath product in the tub. Bubble bath, bath oil, salts, melt, doesn't matter! Whatever is your favourite and relaxes you. My particular favs? Avobath or Butterball bath bombs by Lush.

Step Six: Apply a hair treatment. Before you hop in the tub, coat your hair in your favourite hair treatment. I love using this Roots hair treatment by Lush, or just pure coconut oil!

Step Seven: Entertainment and Treats. Grab your favourite book or prop your laptop up for some Netflix time and pour a glass of ice cold water and grab a quick snack to enjoy while in the tub. 

Step Eight: Enjoy! Bye bye Jack Frost.

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  1. sounds like a perfect evening! :)