DIY Affordable Brush Cleaner

6:41 PM

Hi lovely people!

First off, I apologize for the few day break in posts. I'll spare you the normal excuses and just hop into this one!

Keeping my brushes clean is something that I've become more conscious of in the past couple of years. I'm pretty sure in my first few years of wearing makeup I never washed my brushes at all (who am I kidding, I know I didn't). That may have sadly accounted for a good amount of the pimples I lived with for years.

I now know the importance of regular brush cleaning in order to get rid of nasty bacteria that lives in them, but sometimes I still feel too lazy to give them an intensive clean - so this is a great temporary fix! 

To create an awesome spot cleaner (a product you can quickly spray on your brushes and wipe them off to sanitize them), combine the following products, which you probably already have around your house, in an empty spray bottle:

- 1/2 part Rubbing Alcohol
- 1/4 part Filtered Water
- 1/8 part Leave-In Conditioner
- 1/8 part Dish Soap

You'll be amazed at the difference this little step makes in both the appearance of your makeup and your skin! The bonus? This combination won't dry out your brushes or make them fall apart.

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