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Five Products: Underrated

9:45 PM

Since I've started blogging, I've gotten caught up in the "hype" of popular makeup products time and time again. It's so easy to become intrigued by the thing that everyone and their cat is talking about and want to give it a try. I'm talking to you, Anastastia Contour Kit.

Sadly, this means that a few of my true favourite products often go unmentioned. But, dear readers, it is time to stop the injustice! Let's talk about five products that I love, have stood the test of time, and I think are definitely underrated in the beauty world.

Nyx Eyeshadow in True Taupe: Now, I haven't had this product for very long, but I'm surprised that more bloggers/YouTubers don't talk about it!  Nyx have quite a few "hot" products, but I've never heard this one mentioned before. It's a great pigmented shade that works both as an eye shadow to add some definition to the crease, and a cheek contour on pale skin. I prefer this to many of the matte shadows in my Naked palettes.

bareMinerals Original Mineral Foundation: A few years ago, bareMinerals infomercials were all over cable television.  My first experience with the brand was when I bought a "bareMinerals Starter Kit" in high school that I hoped would instantly make my acne-ridden skin look flawless.  Although it wasn't as "magic" as I hoped, I have since repurchased their Original Foundation time and time again. I love how it provides great coverage without the added heaviness of a liquid foundation. 

Nars Blush in 'Torrid': This is more a shade that it overlooked than a product itself. Many people rave about Nars blushes, and for good reason - they're some of the best out there. But I've never once heard anybody mention the shade Torrid. As soon as the weather warms up and my complexion with it, I find myself grabbing for this coral/orange blush almost every day. Definitely would recommend! I think this would also look beautiful on deeper skin tones.

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in 'R.S.V.P.': If I had to give a "most used" award to one makeup item, it would probably be this little guy. I picked up this champagne cream shadow more than a year ago at Sephora and I use it almost every day. I use it both as an eyeshadow base and on it's own. The most impressive thing? How long it has lasted me without drying out!

Almay Eyeshadows: Okay, I admit it, I should toss this product because it is about five or six years old. But I find myself hanging onto it for sentimental reasons. This product got me through all of high school - I literally wore the light gold shade every single day. I struck gold with this little trio by Almay (no pun intended) before I knew anything about "pigmentation" or "texture" of eyeshadows, . Although the packaging has changed, I swatched some testers the other day at Shoppers Drug Mart and they still are quite impressive. Looking for some good quality drugstore shadows? Give Almay a try.

What is your most underrated product?

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  1. I love that NYX Taupe shadow! I agree with you on how universal it is! And that NARS blush <3 Beaaaautiful.

  2. I'm a Nars aholic love it http://lachiquitamissi.com and coco cabana shimmer