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I Still Get Jealous

9:33 PM

Winter is the time of dry, flaky skin, so the natural thought would be to moisturize. Only issue with that? It's friggin' cold. When I hop out of the shower I want to get warm as soon as possible, so sadly, my skin gets neglected. Seriously, my bath robe is one of the loves of my life.

Naturally, I was stoked when I received a product in the mail a few weeks ago that both exfoliates AND moisturizes my skin, without having to even leave the shower.

Jealous Body Scrub* is an all natural coffee scrub company based out of Vancouver, BC. They claim their scrub is, "Tough enough to improve your skin’s imperfections yet leaving your skin feeling sexy & smooth after every use."
I was a little skeptical at first, as I didn't know what to expect, This was the first ever coffee-based scrub I had tried, besides an awful attempt to make one myself a few months back.

My first thoughts upon opening the bag were "Holy this smells amazing." The all natural ingredients of premium robusta coffee, organic cold pressed coconut oil, raw brown sugar, sea salt, vitamin E and minerals blend together to create the most heavenly aroma. The lovely smell combined with the heat of the water makes it feel like you're showering in a really delicious cappuccino. No joke.

Now, while this is quite a messy scrub to use, it's benefits are worth the clean up. In the couple of weeks that I've been using it, it has left my skin feeling so soft and smelling amazing. The caffeine in the scrub is supposed to help improve the appearance of cellulite, and although I haven't noticed a big difference yet, I have high hopes.

I'm usually a gal who likes to try and be a "DIYer" in the skincare department, but there will be no more homemade scrubs for me because I know this stuff exists. 

Purchase here for $17.95.

*Product received for purpose of review. All opinions are honest and true. :)

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