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I'll admit it. I'm a complete 100% newbie when it comes to the world of contouring and highlighting. This technique strategically using shadows and highlights to trick the eye has been used by makeup artists for ages. Have you ever wondered how drag queens or Kim Kardashian get those amazing chiseled cheek bones? Well, it's usually through the magical illusion of a professionally contoured face.

This technique has recently become all the rage in the DIY beauty world - and makeup brands have caught on. Search "highlighting and contouring tutorial" on YouTube and your results will be flooded with videos of talented ladies and men using an array of cream and powder products to "sculpt" out their facial features.

Perhaps the most talked about product for contouring has been the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit. This palette of six contour and highlight shades (available in light/medium and medium/dark) has been both raved about and dissed by beauty mavens from around the world. So naturally, as I owned no other contour/highlight products, I had to give it a whirl.

After months of waiting for it to come back in stock, I picked up the light/medium palette at Sephora. The palette itself consists of six shades. Three for contouring, and three for highlighting. The highlights: A pink-toned shimmery shade, a yellow-toned "banana" powder, and a warm-toned matte beige powder. For contour: A deep matte warm bronze, a cool-toned brown, and a neutral-to-warm matte brown.

Although many people have complained that this palette doesn't give off enough colour when applied, I actually find it is perfect for the less skilled (aka me) because it gives off the perfect amount of pigment for those who want to try out contouring and highlighting but are afraid of looking like a streaky-tiger-human-hybrid. Both the contouring and highlight shades are quite buildable, allowing room for mistakes. 

My number one complaint is the lack of options when it comes to shade selection. I am a person with moderately pale, cool toned skin, so the only contour shade that suits me is the bottom-middle shade. I can't see myself getting much use out of the other two bronze shades unless I am significantly more tan, as I'd like to avoid the Oompa-Loompa look if possible.

I've heard that you can buy refillable pans for the kit on the Anastasia website, but j really wish they would allow you to customize the palette from the beginning so you don't have to waste money on shades you won't use. Ahh well.

Overall rating: 7/10

I would recommend this product to anybody just starting out in the contouring world and would like a simple palette with everything in one place. It's a great kit to experiment with in order to gain more comfort with using the technique.

I would not recommend this product to anybody who wants super-pigmentation from the get go. The shades definitely need to be built up. Also, if you're looking for a super intense highlight powder (like theBalm Mary Louminizer), I'd look elsewhere.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit is available at Sephora for $52 canadian.

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  1. Well at least you could probably use those browns as bronzers or eyeshadows so they're not a complete waste? I definitely wish they were customizable, though! I'd be much more interested in it if it was.

  2. I feel yah! I am inbetween medium and deep skintone and they are just too damn orange! I want the Kevyn Aucoin powder because it is like grey, but then again it is only one shade so I dont know if it will work for me. However, I did just pick up the NYX matte bronzer and I loveee it, cool enough to contour!