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Spring Beauty Wish List

8:39 PM

I know, I know.

I definitely already have enough makeup. So much so that I've decided to put any makeup purchases on pause for a little while as I try and work my way through some of the products I already own.

And although I probably have enough makeup to get me through the next ten years - it doesn't keep me from constantly lurking the pages of the Sephora website. Even though I'm not letting myself buy any new makeup for a little while, what's the harm in looking, right?

There are a few things that I've particularly had my eye on for the upcoming warmer months.

The breakdown: This "versatile gel cream" claims to "combine skincare benefits and naturally radiant coverage to create the best of a BB, CC cream, and a tinted moisturizer."
Why it caught my eye: Thanks to the built in SPF 30 this product seems perfect for my upcoming trip to Mexico, where I won't want to be wearing heavy makeup, but would like a little coverage and radiance.

The breakdown: This dome-shaped fine-bristled synthetic brush is supposed to apply foundation and other face products for an "airbrushed" finish.
Why it caught my eye: I felt this brush last time I was at Sephora and it is so. FREAKING. soft. I would like it in my life.

The breakdown: This new line of nude cream lipsticks from bite beauty are supposedly hand cut to remove the outer waxy layer, revealing the creamy formula inside.
Why it caught my eye: Hand cut. Gimmick? I don't know. But I want to find out.

The breakdown: I've had my eye on this cool-toned contour powder by famed makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin for aaaages. It was only recently that the Sephora website started carrying the brand, making owning it a very real possibility.
Why it caught my eye: It's a longtime favourite of the beauty industry.
The breakdown: This gorgeous neutral palette is a replacement for Stila's famous "In the Light" palette. The standout shade? Kitten, a gorgeous rosy champagne colour that I've been lusting over for far too long.
Why it caught my eye: Just look at it. It's so pretttttyyyyyy.

The breakdown: According to the Sephora website, "The silky blush shades in these palettes are designed to mimic Bobbi Brown’s signature technique of layering a look, which is both natural-looking and long-lasting."
Why it caught my eye: I don't own any Bobbi Brown blushes, and this seems like the perfect opportunity to pick up three beautiful shades.
What's on your Sephora wish list? 

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  1. I'm really interested in trying out the Complexion Rescue too, sounds like it would be perfect for weekends at the cottage!

  2. Ouuu I just mentioned that KA powder in my comment on your ABH Contour Kit post - I really want the Stila Palette in Mind! I wish I could touch and feel because I have seen mixed reveiws on the pigmentation!