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Summer Lip Dupe Alert

8:50 PM

Since my early days as a part of the internet"beauty" community, I have been on the hunt to find my very own "dupe" (or duplicate product). The basic idea behind a dupe is that you can save money by finding two nearly identical products in two very different price ranges. For more context, you can find examples of dupes here.

And although the internet is completely flooded with new dupe discoveries, I think I finally found a pairing of my own! This dupe comes in the form of two great summer lipsticks. One costs approx. $20, and one costs approx. $5.

In the photo below (taken with flash) I am wearing one of the products on my top lip, and the other on the bottom. Can you tell a difference? 

Difficult, isn't it? Well, the top lip is MAC's 'Impassioned' lipstick, and the bottom lip is a part of the Kate Moss by Rimmel Collection in #06.

Natural Light
These two products are virtually identical (Impassioned is sliiiiiiightly lighter and has a nicer formula but for a $15 in savings, this can be overlooked, right?).

No Flash

If you're in the market for a new bright summer lip, or have been thinking about picking up Impassioned, I would strongly recommend checking out the Rimmel section of your local drugstore first. Yay for dupes!

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