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Nailed It: Chillato by Essie

5:23 PM

I'm not a huge nail polish connoisseur, but every once in a while I will be perusing through the drugstore aisles and a certain shade will catch my eye. These polishes are usually by Essie. I don't know what it is about their polishes, but they're just always so gosh darn appealing. I think it's the combination of the cute bottle and the dreamy pastel shades they often release.

The latest addition to my nail polish collection is from the Essie Summer 2015 Collection. "Chillato" is a gorgeous muted pistachio green shade. I had been eyeing it up for quite a while, and finally my boyfriend had to say "stop looking at the nail polish every where we go and just buy it!" Can't argue with that.

I'm glad I listened. Sometimes I find Essie's more pastel shades to be quite streaky, but luckily not this little guy! All it took was two coats to get a nice, opaque application.

Whats been your favourite summer polish?

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  1. That's gorgeous, I've been eyeing that one as well. I've been loving another Essie colour, though I think this one was from last year's summer collection? It's called Play Date, and it's a beautiful pinky-lavender pastel.