My name is Madison and I'm an introvert

10:23 PM

My name is Madison and I'm an introvert.

Does this mean I'm shy? Nope.

Does that mean I have no friends or don't like spending time with them? Definitely not!

It simply means that I become energized and feel the most comfortable when I'm by myself.

Up until very recently, I've always thought this was one of my worst qualities. I'm surrounded by so many lovely, outgoing, social, people who always seem to be having such fun. They are the life of the party and I love that about them. I thought it made me weird that I have just as much fun by myself than when I'm surrounded by people. While many people think "Yay it's the weekend, I get to spend as much time socializing as possible!", I often think "Yay it's the weekend, I can't wait to go on a bike ride and listen to a podcast by myself for a couple of hours."

Now I know that the whole "introvert vs. extrovert" thing isn't as black and white as it can seem. People who thrive on being around others can obviously enjoy spending time alone, and vice versa. I definitely enjoy spending time with people (for example, I just had the one of the best weekends of my life while in a constant group of people). And even though I suffer from social anxiety on top of the whole introvert thing (gosh, I'm such a sexy human), most of my fondest memories involve fun times with my friends and family. But lately I've been learning to accept the fact that sometimes I'd just rather hang out with, well, me! It doesn't make me a bad person or a bad friend (at least I hope it doesn't)! It's just how I am naturally inclined.

Think about the person with whom we spend the most time - it's ourselves! So it can't be the worst thing ever that we introverts feel calm and energetic when we're alone. It's just how we're wired.

What I'm trying to say with this seemingly pointless and random post is that it is okay to accept our own social stamina. Its okay to want to spend a night in bed with Netflix over going out. And if you're socially inclined, it's okay to want to be around people as much as possible! And it's okay if these tendencies eb and flow with the changes in our lives.

So yes. 

Moral of the rambling story: don't beat yourself up for not being like everyone else when it comes to socializing and feeling happy. In the wise words of the Internet, YOU DO YOU, GIRLS AND BOYS.

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  1. Great post. And it's so true that it isn't really a black and white, introvert/extrovert thing; I somewhat recently learned there's a term for people who don't really feel they fit either category: ambivert! I used to think that I must be an introvert, and maybe I am, but especially in the last couple of years I have found more enjoyment in being with friends and making friends with like-minded people... usually in the beauty community (:P),,, so I feel a lot more in the middle than in the past and I love that there's actually a term for that middle ground, even if you usually have to explain it to people the first time you use it :P

    But yeah, now I'm rambling... haha!

  2. Thanks Kristy! I didn't even know that was a thing! That's awesome!

  3. I think the biggest difference is where and how you "recharge." I'm definitely an extrovert (who is shy, oddly enough!) but the thing for me is that when I'm feeling a little down and need an energy boost, I get that by spending time with people. Versus an introvert, who would recharge by chilling by themselves.