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Making Memories with Demeter

7:41 PM

Hi there! Long time, no blog. But alas! I'm back with a post all about a product/experience that I'm pretty excited about.

Through the Canadian Beauty Blogger Network I was lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to mix my own custom scent, based off of a "scent memory" of mine. Demeter Fragrance Library, a fragrance company based out of New York, are all about creating lovely smells inspired by "every day" scents, and the memories they may create or bring to life.

I chose the 'Bonfire' scent as my Scent Memory. The thought and smell of a bonfire instantly means two thing to me: summer and happiness. I have made some of my best memories and have some of my best moments while sitting around the mesmerizing blaze of a beach fire.

I was skeptical of how realistic this bonfire scent would be, but I was pleasantly surprised! It smells, well, like a bonfire! It's kind of amazing actually how accurately they captured the musky/smokey smell of a fire. 

Along with the bonfire scent, I was also sent two fragrances curated to compliment the bonfire scent, intended to be used as layering products to create a scent entirely unique to me! It's a pretty cool concept. The two other scents I received were Sunshine and Ivy (and again, these scents really smell like their names!). 

When it comes to a daily perfume, I found that I prefer to layer all three together, as they blend to create a subtle, sweet and sultry scent that is perfect for fall, but when the spring rolls around again I may just stick with Sunshine or Bonfire!

Mixing my own custom Scent Memory fragrance was a really cool experience (not just saying that because I was sent these products!).  If you're interested in picking up a scent that brings back some great memories (like Apple Pie, Christmas Tree or Between the Sheets - Ooooo la la), I'd recommend checking out Demeter!

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