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In the Balm of Your Hand

9:52 PM

A few weeks ago, I was watching emilynoel83's (aka makeup maven extraordinaire) and saw her rave about a new release from the Balm: the "In the Balm of Your Hand" volume 1. The idea behind the palette is that the Balm took shades from all of their best selling palettes/products and combined them into one awesome all-in-one palette! I was instantly intrigued by the idea and knew I had to try it for myself, so I ordered it off of Nail Polish Canada as an early Christmas gift to myself. It was $47.50 CDN + tax, which I thought was pretty good for a palette of this size.

I only own a few products by the Balm (Mary-Lou Manizer highlight, Nude 'Tude Palette) so I was really looking forward to testing out a few of their "greatest hits".

The palette includes:
  • Hot Mama Blush
  • Instain Blush in 'Argyle'
  • Cabana Boy Blush
  • Bahama Mama Bronzer
  • Insane Jane Eye Shadow (from the Shady Lady Vol 2 Palette)
  • Mischevious Marissa Eye Shadow (from the Shady Lady Special Edition Palette)
  • Sexy Eye Shadow (from the Nude Tude Palette)
  • Lead Zeppelin Eye Shadow (from Balm Jovi Palette)
  • Mary Lou-Manizer Highlight
  • Caramel Lip/Cheek Colour (from How Bout Them Apples Palette)
  • Mia Moore Lipstick
I think this a pretty great variety and unique concept behind a holiday edition palette. It really is a chance for a brand to showcase their best releases in a convenient package. This palette could easily be a "one-and-done" type of palette for an entire makeup look.

I was instantly impressed by the insane quality of the powder products (to be expected from the Balm) and was pleasantly surprised by the cream products. It's not often that I like lip colours that aren't in stick form, but I have been thoroughly impressed by the Balm Girls lipstick.

Although I haven't had the palette for that long, I am so, so happy that I bought it. It will be perfect to take with me as I travel for the holidays, and I can't wait to keep using the heck out of it into the future!
Left to right: Hot Mama, Argyle, Cabana Boy, Bahama Mama
Left to right: Insane Jane, Mischievous Marissa, Sexy, Lead Zeppelin, Mary Lou-Manizer
Left to right: Caramel, Mia Moore

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  1. I've been reading through some of your blog posts and I love it! You've convinced me to order this palette next time I do an order on NPC!