PR Opportunities

Hello there!

So, you're interested in collaborating with Cold Side of the Pillow?

We'll, I'd love to work with you! But first, a little about what I have to offer:
  • I am an experienced writer and communicator, graduating with a Bachelor of Public Relations degree
  • I provide an honest, unique and relatable point of view on products and brands to my fellow beauty and makeup beginners
  • My blog is active on a variety of social networks, including Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook
  • My blog has a wide and varied audience, ranging from ages 15 and 60
  • I genuinely love writing about the things I love!
Looking to Collaborate? I am interested in:

Product Reviews
Creative Content
Sponsored Posts

*I will identify any sponsored/PR content on my blog with an asterisk, in order to be transparent with my readers. 

But when can I get back to you?  I can and will accommodate most turn around requests. Timing is at my discretion and may change without notice. I will require adequate time to thoroughly test the products (after they are received) before content will be posted.

What am I interested in checking out? Cold Side of the Pillow accepts cosmetics, hair products, subscription boxes, nail polish and beauty tools for consideration of review.

In order to remain open and honest with my readers, I will not alter or change my personal thoughts and opinions. I want to offer my readers the most honest experience possible, as I would expect the same.

If you are interested in working together, have questions, or requests please email me

I look forward to hearing from you!